Monday, April 07, 2014

Book Review on Hempista

Here's the latest review of Hemp for Victory - from

Hemp For Victory – published in 2006 by Kenyon Gibson, Nick and Cindy Mackintosh, Woody Harrelson, Mina Hegaard and Sam Heslop. $29.95 at MinaWear!
When my friend Mina at MinaWear told me she was sending me one of the most amazing and authoritative books ever published about hemp to review for my readers here at Hempista, I was totally thrilled to have the opportunity to share this book with you today!
Hemp For Victory is a 280 page volume of history, science and uses of the hemp plant and is an encyclopedic treasure trove of information about the plant. The book has hundreds of black & white reproductions of historical images and documents dating back to when hemp was part of everyday life. Yes, sometime before the drug war was invented in the 20th century, hemp was just a plant! But, it was a special plant that had an important role in ancient and pre-20th century society for food, fiber and medicinal purposes.
This book is what I would call the ultimate educational volume and almanac of hemp. And I would highly recommend this for educators and teachers that are seeking unique and relevant material for Earth Day educational units. Students often hear about “marijuana” from their DARE lectures and sessions which typically paint the cannabis plant in a negative light, completely ignoring the environmental and health advantages of the hemp plant. Hemp For Victory is a great resource for Earth Day.


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