Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Victory for hemp field in Kentucky

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The image above is of  Kirstin Bohnert, Katie Moyer and Alyssa Faith Erickson of the KY Hempsters, checking out the hemp in a Kentucky hemp field; Minawear is the site that hosted the petition to make hemp legal a few years ago. We still need signatures so if anyone cares, go to www.minawear.com and check out the About Us page and there you go!


Mark Ski said...

American pols ought to be behind this to create JOBS. It looks like they are working secretly for China to hurt America and keep jobs away from the people. Any comments?

Bug said...

American pols create JOBS? Much as I am not rigth wing, maybe I'll support Donald Trump as he does create jobs. And ironically the GOP is more behind hemp, as previous comments on this blog show, than the Dems. Speaking of dems, one in particular, Melissa Mark-Viverito, writes letters to the president to support terrorists who killed NYers, she wants them out of jail.
Needless to say, she does not support hemp, or JOBS.

GOPbuster said...

As long as Trump supports JOBS and does something about Iranian terrorists getting nuclear materials in Latin America he'll be the president. He ought to support hemp as well, along with his GOP colleagues Rand Paul etc in Kentucky, both Senators are in fact GOP and support hemp.

surf said...

Interesting "Hemp for Victory" documentary produced by the US.

US government propaganda film made during WWII touting the virtues of hemp.


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