Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rolling Stoned

As a hemp blog, this is certainly bound to be confused with, and share some attention with, drug sites. Hemp is, after all, Cannabis sativa, perhaps the world's most used drug, with a wide range of applications medicinally and many varieties of hash and marijuana.
However, I happen to be a drug free person; and I am also a victim of drug related violence, when here in Manhattan I was held down and stabbed on East 23rd Street at the notorious Kenmore Hotel, which was later taken over, with some assistance on my part, by local, state and federal law enforcement.
Enigma thus casts its shadow over my work, with  my hand forced to deal with a wide range of issues and characters, including marijuana. And much as I endorse making both industrial hemp and marijuana legal, I am not about to support in any way drug addiction or the sick, violent world of drug dealing.
As a victim of violent drug dealers, I am disgusted by the recent article in Rolling Stone in which not only a drug dealer, but a terrorist who has killed American citizens while living in the lap of luxury from his ill gotten gains, is interviewed by Sean Penn. This self serving thespian sees no duty to turn in a criminal; he gains attention and money from his chat with the lowlife, and does not take into account the deaths of his fellow American, many of them babies and children, who die each year due to the greed of  drug dealers.
In some countries what he has done is illegal. It is immoral anywhere. The only interaction with El Chapo should be to make an arrest, such as I performed on drug dealers here in Manhattan, after they came to my attention by slashing the face of a former Marine. Navy man that I am,  I did not see fit to let this go. And it did not have to be a fellow serviceman who was their victim; I feel the same obligation to anyone, including  babies and children, and that is the reality that Penn and Rolling Stone seem to lack awareness of. In the world of Hollywood and hip mags, drugs are just par for the course or even way cool.
They are not. Drugs kill, drugs destroy lives, and drugs are a MAJOR part of the economic woes in America today. But noting such issues and caring for them is NOT cool in some circles; in fact, it can get you sneered at.
Rolling Stone has to learn to draw the line. It does not need to give the perception of glamorizing drug dealers, terrorists and fools to remain hip. I  count myself among its readers,  partly for the music angle, and partly for works by veteran journalists such as Matt Taibbi. But I am in the mood to boycott this publication and call upon everyone in America to do the same.
A tough line against drugs and any parties promoting drugs or making them seem cool is what is needed. But before I call a boycott - standing outside their 6th Avenue midtown offices with posters and sign up sheets, I would like to talk to them and work on remedy.
If they are man enough to meet with me, we can work this out. If not, and I end up 'talking to the hand' with unanswered emails and labyrinth like phone systems to waste my time, then I am left  no choice but to get in their face, like I did when drug dealers got out of line.
I am a man. A man stands up for real issues and meets the needs in his society. Talking to El Chapo may be 'way cool' and help to sell magazines, but it is not how to meets no need. Arresting him and having information on his whereabouts is; and that part took real men, not hipster actors.
Real men, in fact, died performing that, while actors went to the bank and partied, seeking the attention they did not deserve; and Rolling Stone was a vehicle for them to grab this attention.
Enough already. Rolling Stone will be hearing from me, with an amicable remedy in hand.
Part of which will be not about what they published; which, as one politician succinctly said is grotesque, but about the conspicuous absence of any major article on C. sativa as hemp. That is  not just a cool issue, but one which affects the US economy. Hemp gives farmers an easy to cultivate crop, producing a raw material that was used, incidentally, in the making of the first American flag. Let's hope that Rolling Stone did not run short on resources giving Penn and his pal the limelight, but that they are able to allocate time and funds to a seminal piece about something that has place in America's past, present and future.
Or would that just not be their kind of cool?


Mark Ski said...

Let's hope RS does the right thing. It was stupid of them to dedicate any space to idiots like Penn and pal Shorty, and 10,000 words? JKF's death got less...
And hemp even less - like 0 words from RS so yes it is high time they did a piece, let Gibson and Woody Harrelson, who helped write HFV back in 2006, do a major cover story. That would be cool, and good for America.

Kenyon Gibson said...

Actually RS has done some articles, the most recent I think 2014 on hemp, but nothing major. I do not want to accuse them falsely, so to set the record straight, and give them some credit, yes they have covered this topic but as many would say rather superficially.
I do hope they will step up to the plate and match the Penn piece - 10,000 words on hemp, and certainly I would welcome Woody's participation if he chose to be involved again.
Realistically they ought to do a series of pieces, as hemp has so many facets it could be a disservice to their readers to cram it all in one article. Hemp as a raw material, hemp clothing and textiles (I'd ask my sister of course to contribute, as she has been running Minawear for so long), hemp medicines and the ironic battles with the DEA, hemp foods, hemp building material, hemp paper (which I think is the most important economically, it's a rather long explanation which I hope gets to see the light of day), hemp oil in painting and as canvas (BTW, I am painting bald eagles in hemp oil on hemp canvas supplied by a company, Canvasland, that makes their product in the USA - Texas to be exact) - etc etc. The subject merits a series, especially what with the ongoing legal battles of states vs feds and drug dealers now vs industrial hemp growers, etc.
So we'll see...

Phil Telic said...

RS does more on weed than hemp...and when they do an article, they do not always get it right, as someone on facebook pointed out:

They don't seem to really have a clue. More time on real issues, less time with attention greedy has been celebs and they would keep their reputation.

Carlos R said...

Rolling Stone made itself a fool for a brat and terrorits, the two of them penpals with some delusional idea that drugs are cool.
Just ask Mick Jagger; he threw drug dealers out 50 years ago.
Do an article on hemp, and this time get the facts straight.
The suggestion to write on hemp is cool. Sean Penn is not.

David Jefferson said...

Drugs are NOT cool. Rolling
Stone is NOT cool.

GOPbuster said...

Rolling Stone needs to take a lesson from the Rolling Stones...Mick got them OFF drugs.
And why would any American magazine accept an article from Sean Penn who FAILED to report the whereabouts of a terrorist unless they hate America, and just want to hang out with some stupid celeb they think is cool?

Bug said...

The editors at Rolling Stone(d) ought to be made to apologise to all parents
whose kids were hooked on drugs, or killed by drug related violence.

Mark Ski said...

Still no reply from Rolling Stoned?

David Jefferson said...

Drugs do kill. So go guns. Trouble is both have well funded support groups.
Guns have the NRA, and drugs have a much more subtle and dangerous form, with publications like Rolling Stoned. Very good idea this boycott.

Jokerman said...

Drugs are the real issue in America. Guns are right up there too.
Rolling Stone is just an annoying bunch of cooler-than-thou slackers
trying to project a slick image. Get a real job.
When are any of them going to grow or wear hemp?

Phil Telic said...

Drugs are klling people all over the US, all over the world. Time RS took this into account.