Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Did Errol Flynn wear hemp? spies lies and nazis in letters from Rudolf Stoiber

The swashbuckling Tasmanian thespian Errol Flynn became a subject of intense study lately, through some very complex, let's way weird, circumstances. While dealing in collectibles in New York, I came across a trove of letters written to Steven Lovett Jones, a designer who lived with the Austrian author and TV correspondent Rudolf Stoiber. The letters included details of Stoiber's correspondence with Charles Higham, whose book "Trading with the Enemy" I quoted in Hemp for Victory.
Higham wrote that book after writing a book on Errol Flynn, in which he alleged that Flynn was a nazi or nazi sympathiser, much of his thesis based on the fact that Flynn spent much time with a Dr Hermann Erben, actually an Austiran Jew who was also a nazi party member..and alleged Abwehr spy.
While Higham is a highly respected researcher, his book on Flynn was debunked extensively, and it appears that not only was Flynn not any kind of nazi sympathiser, but that Erben was quite possibly a double agent infiltrating the Abwehr for the OSS, and that he later worked for the CIA and possibly Mossad; in Saudi Arabia he was denounced by a former nazi, against whom he had tesitfied in China, and arrested as a spy for Israel. Ironically, his wife did not know he was Jewish and told the interrogators she had no Jewish firiends or relatives!
The plot is thick and murky and I dare not even attempt to go further with all the details...maybe I will write about it later in an article or even a book...just one more juicy detail will I drop here, Erben was given a job by GOP heavy Sterling Cole in 1974, he went to work for Gerald Bull in Barbados, Bull was later supplying weapons to Saddam Hussein, and in 1990 someone put a bullet to his head in Brussels. Cole, BTW, is claimed in a note by Higham to have hired Ilse Bohrmann at US taxpayer expence - she is the daughter of Martin Bohrmann, killed at the expence of the Russian taxpayer when Russian tanks opened fire on him as he tried to escape Berlin in 1945.
So quite possibly I will be posting more here. An unpuslished manuscript by Erben's wife with notes in Higham's hand is most interesting and incriminates the CIA.
So I had cause to go back and look in my book what quotes from Higham were used. They all appear on p. 65, endnotes 43,44,45, and 46. Here is wrote that required his research:

"Du Pont, financed by the Mellon Bank, had acquired GM, which was then placed under Irenee du Pont. As chairman, he led GM to new strengths, not only in his charismatic speeches about a 'race of supermen', but in reaching new sales, many to the Nazi war machine.
The workers, however, were not included in many of Irenee's ideas. Rather, they came under atack, were spied upon, beaten, tortured, and killed. Obsessed by Hitler's principles, he turned them on Americans, and such organisations as the American Liberty League (ALL), the Black Legion (BL) and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were to play a hand in suppressing labour; terrorist organisations sponsored by 'patriots'.
For ALL. veteran's bonuses were an extravagance, whilst taxes for pensions and the unemployed were attacked. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was to clash with the du Ponts over this organisation, stating that it : "ganged up against people's liberties." Irenee had founded the league with Lammot and Pierre, and other anti-African-American and anti-Semitic organisations were to follow. Irenee also paid $1,000,000 for gas equipped storm troops to sweep through plants and beat up those who were not in line; moreover, the board kept personal links to Hitler, some signing an agreement of total commitment to the Nazi cause, vowing to stamp out Jewish influence in America. When the Nazis invaded France, James D. Mooney, GM's chief ofd European operations, went to New York to have champagne and celebrate, renting a suite in the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue specially for the occasion."

So there is good Higham and bad Higham. Stoiber in his letters at the time (ca. 1980) wrote that Higham had fabricated some of the accounts, and some suggest that Higham had been spurned in his sexual advances as a young man by Flynn so sought revenge in his book. Who knows.

I will also be posting some information on an Errol Flynn site run by David DeWitt who knows his family and friends, and hope to help set the records straight. There are over 100 letters in my possession plus other documents in this story, so stay tuned...

And for information on Errol Flynn, here is the URL for the #1 Flynn site in the world.



David Jefferson said...

Lots of writers and journalists write wrong stuff about people. Here in NY we got the Daily News calling Trump Hitler. Journalists get paid lots of $ to write nonsense, they have easy jobs, I think this Higham guy just wanted to make some $. Like Shaun King at the Daily News. Facts all wrong but he loves to spout opinions.

Carlos said...

Slander is easy...being Flynn was not. He was a free spirit, not a nazi.

Phil Telic said...

Errol made lots of enemies just being Errol; Higham's book has NO footnores, strange for his claim of having accesses many sources. Hemp for Victory on the other hand has copious notes, backing up everything!