Monday, June 06, 2016

10 years on for Hemp for Victory

Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of this blog, with a first post about hemp events in London.
725 posts later, it has covered hemp oil analysis, politics, hemp businesses, hemp events, hemp news, hemp books, etc etc and some off-the-topic posts as well.

In that time period hemp awareness has grown, the book "Hemp for Victory" was published, and hemp is now legal in many US states.

We hope that the next two years will bring about hemp manufacturing in the UK and the US on a large scale basis. China presently leads the world in hemp cultivation and production, as it did in 2006. Canada is catching up but is still mainly cultivating hemp for seeds - but a New York businessman named Gardner McBride is set to change that with large amounts of acreage of hemp in Ontario. He sells both seeds and fibre, and is looking to increase the quality of his product with a view to researching more applications with the possibility of growing hemp for textile fibres in the future.

So we'll see...I would expect that in the next two years hemp will advance as much as it did in the last ten. To help that process and get a petition to the White House, you can assist us in that goal by clicking on the 'About Us' page at

Thank you all for a decade of work. All you comments and emails are appreciated.

One thing we are working on is a 2nd ed. of  "Hemp for Victory", and so any new information to add to that book is most welcome. Progess is slow, but steady. Lots more work to be done.

Kenyon Gibson


David Jefferson said...

Happy Birthday Hemp For Victory!

Phil Telic said...

Here's to 10 more years!

Sagar Sumaria said...

Hey Kenyon,
How you doing mate? I will be happy to chime in any help for 2nd edition of H4V.
You always got my back bruv.

GOPbuster said...

The Obamas and Clintons have done nothing for hemp so all this activism is just blocked by the Democrats. Makes me want to vote Trump.

ortega albert said...

Now that
Trump is in with other GOP members who support hemp, and not dope,
we just might see hemp manufacturing in the US. JOBS. &. Trump. Where
are all the left wing dope smokers on this issue?