Monday, December 05, 2016

Jill Stein in New York outside Trump Towers

Jill Stein came to New York today and made more money for her recount project. Which is very good news for companies like Exxon Mobile, Lockheed Martin, etc. She has already $8,500,000 in such firms, so she is a loyal investor. Many in the GOP no doubt approve.

And since she raised over $6,000,000 for the recount of the votes this November in the US, she is going to have a lot more. Which some people think was going to be spent on the recount. In fact that was the premise of her solicitation.

But that is not where the money went. She could have had a recount in Pennsylvania, but she did not want to pay the state fee of $1,000,000 to pay for their workers. Maybe she expected them to do it for free. And keep the money she raised.

Arriving in New York at 10am, she headed for the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, across from which she made her speech. The press was there in great force, but only to listen to her. When I showed them the information about her, they rudely ignored it. They know she has lots of money and makes an easy story just showing up to ask for more money.

Most of the passersby knew that too. While the press was rude, the crowd reached out to me, and when I told them the facts about Stein were easy to check - and FREE - they wanted to know why the journalists were acting like petulant brats. Lots of disgust from both Democrats and Republicans on this. I ridiculed them for hours - and told one fool who wanted only an easy scoop that I could face every single American in the face after having done my bit They acted bored and stupid. They did squirm as I pointed them out, and had to endure my honest criticism for their dishonest and sloppy work.

CNN was especially rude, and this after assaulting me on 9 November when I asked them why they were only reporting one side to the story. I had to threaten them with arrest. CNN treats American with contempt by not telling the whole story, ignoring issues like hemp, Clinton's sexual abuse of Cathy O'Brien, etc.

Other outlets are also full of stupid lazy hacks. Just look at the lack of articles on hemp - compared to the multitude of articles on Kim Kardashian. Or dope. Written by dopes.

So while I am not against a recount, Jill Stein is NOT the person to be trusted with it and lots of money. Who knows what she is really doing with it. And how many fools there are in the Green Party to allow someone with the kind of investment she has to be their candidate.

That said, in case someone wants to accuse me of being some kind of right wing activist, go on this very blog and see how many times I supported Cynthia McKinney when she was the Green  Party presidential candidate. A black woman FYI. The press ignored her since she went after Bush, and did not just allow hypocrisy in the Democrat party.

So there. Let's see what Trump will do with the hemp issue, bear in mind that two top Republicans were mor in support than either Greens or Democrats, I am referring to Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, both Senators from Kentucky - and let's not forget Ron Paul, retired Congressman from Victoria, Texas, the town in which my sister runs Minawear ( ).
And of course, I was wearing Minawear hemp clothing - Jill Stein was not. Very few in the Greens really support hemp now with her as their candidate, maybe they smoke dope. Must be to be giving her money.

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Phil Telic said...

Top Green leaders including one former Green candidate have put it that she is NOT Green.
She is working this whole thing for the $, manipulating people's hopes in a recount. It could be that she caused Hillary to lose by running in the first place.