Monday, December 12, 2016

Press Wars: Genevieve Roberts outs the Daily Mail

A large part of the hemp story is the press war angle: Hemp was vilified by William Randolp Hearst, a tycoon who had a relationship with Hitler. Today we see that the press likes stories on pot but not so much hemp, which is a much harder story. Easier to cut and paste Kim Kardashian into a doper story and there you go.
The press can be a very dangerous tool; idle hands working for satan, cutting and pasting idiotic stories while ignoring useful ones. Or it could be very good, with the more diligent journalists making a real effort.
As an example of both, we have the David Burke 9 December story in the Daily Mail, which has the most widely read news website in the world. On it, Burke shows us graphic images of babies being tortured. And he tells us that the criminals are from the Myanmar Army.
Not so.
Get your facts straight, or a better journalist, such as Genevieve Roberts of the UK, will out you - as she did on Twitter - showing the false information along with the correction and the response from Mynamar.
The child molesters were in fact Cambodian. But somehow facts do not bother Burke, and the Daily Mail did not issue any apology. If they continue to act with such disrespect, they may have a protest outside their New York offices at 51 Astor Place.
Allowing the press to lie and smear people and entire nations is wrong. As individuals, we need to not just walk on by when someone is getting mugged, ignore the cries of a Kitty Genovese, or act in any other such deplorable way. Real man do not work for CNN (which assaulted me when I tried to present facts to them here in New York; real men don't like facts and try to ignore them or get beligerent).

So let's see if the Daily Mail has any real men on its staff, man enough to issue an apology and follow this up with the real story on the real story in Cambodia.

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Carlos said...

Roberts is one of the UK's best journalists, way underrated.