Thursday, January 26, 2017

Maid of Hemp

And from  Wales...Jou-el King just sent in a short video about  hemp, or cywarch as it is called in Welsh  - 

King runs Maid of Hemp, which we have the pleasure of introducing on this blog.

A oes unrhyw un yma un siarad Cymraeg?


Carlos said...

Hemp is still illegal here while dope is legal. Wales is way ahead of the US.
But could be that the GOP does what the Dems have failed at.
Never misunderestimate the Donald.

GOPbuster said...

There is a need for a centrist party in the US. On this blog there was a post about the Centrist Party getting started and Cyveillance was watching what was said. Bush owns Cyveillance via a tricky deal he did with Blair in the UK, buying Quinetic cheap and cheating lots of Brits out of jobs in Wales.

David Jefferson said...

The Centrist Party may just come to power. Take a look at the Centrist Project, lots of US pols joining this and 2020 could be their year. If we don't have Clinton start WWIII first, instigating behind the scenes.