Sunday, June 17, 2007


Just got a visit from Dave Olson, pictured left. He was visiting from Vancouver, one of the hemp capitals of the world, where shops like Still Eagle have been going for years. He made his way to Brighton, famous for being the backdrop to the Who's Quadraphenia, but also famous in hemp circles for The Hemp Shop. Dave was impressed there, as Woody Harrelson had been last year - in fact Woody said it was the most well-stacked hemp store he'd ever seen, and I think Woody is quite a connaisseur of such outlets. Dave then made his way back to London to check out Braintree, an impressive showroom in the Camden Market complex, overlooking the Grand Union Canal.

We managed to meet up at my secret location and made a subversive tape which he will make into a podcast when he gets back to the land of the free (Canada). I was able to finally put a copy of Hemp for Victory in his hands, he has contributed images from his days in Japan, including the colour frontis piece, which is the oldest known depiction of hemp.

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