Thursday, June 21, 2007


For thousands of years everyone grew hemp, and the law was on the side of the hemp farmers. Then in 1937 a law was dishonestly created which made hemp farmers criminals. In 1942 they were again on the right side of the law as the US government encouraged them to grow hemp, making a film titled Hemp for Victory to rally support. The war over, the same farmers were again criminals. Soon after 1945, Nazi criminals were welcomed in the US and given honours as they began to operate paedophile rings and mind control games. Maybe law enforcement was too busy to chase them down as they spent lots of time on eradicating wild hemp.

Today hemp is again a focus of legal actions. In the UK, the Rural Payments Agency will be demanding that all hemp seed imported into the UK be radiated. But what is the point, as anyone can legally buy all the skunk seeds one wants? Obviously, many people would rather not have their food nuked, but many people were not consulted. So far, every hemp business I've talked to has not been consulted, and this law could put some of them out of business. In the long run it could increase UK acreage of hemp, as hemp seed oil manufacturers will be keen to buy local hemp (or just lie and not tell their customers they are eating nuked food). The British Isles Hemp & Natural Fibres Industries Association was definitely not consulted on this one, though it may be that RPA consulted some of the large firms who would stand to benefit if this law put their competitors under stress. One would hope that a government agency would consult as many of the hemp businesses as possible, or at least the Industries Association. We will be following up with the RPA. Their number is o845 603 7777. Their email is:

In the US legal wrangling will take place when two citizens, also not consulted by their government, go to court. David Monson and Wayne Hauge of North Dakota have filed civil action 4:07-CV-042, a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment, naming the DEA and the US Dept. of Justice as plaintiffs. Interestingly enough, Monson is House Majority leader for the Republican Party in his state. He has been persistant and may just be the David that fells the Goliath in the USA.

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