Friday, December 19, 2008

This weekend a friend is staying with me in London before he heads out to Stansted aeroport to catch a flight to Estonia. However, he is taking a chance of having his holidays ruined by spoilt brat rich kids and hooligans who like to get attention by protesting, even when their protest is just ruining people's travels plans. Earlier this month the aptly named Plane Stupid brought 57 people to break the law at Stansted, and brought in turn 52 flights to a standstill. The BBC joked that this was unproductive, as it only takes one person with a bottle of water or other mundane item to bring on a security alert; if Plane Stupid wanted to really wreak havoc, they ought to get jobs as baggage handlers, the presenters joked.
Some questions that arise are: where are the undercover moles to tip off the authorities when Tamsin Omond decides to pull these attention getting stunts and mess up people's travel? Does MI5 or Special Branch not have an eye on these idiots? How were they so easily able to breach aeroport security in this age of uber security?
Tamsin Omond, the scion of one of the richest land owning families in England, seems able to disrupt other people's lives at her whim. And to make it worse, she has the support of the perverts at St. Mary's Church in Primrose Hill, where she has been made church administrator - despite concerns that she is into young girls. But this is the Church of England, where the likes of George Glover, a vicar friend of Tony Blair, rape 11-year-olds, so concerns about this rich brat grooming young girls for her bondage games go unheard. The local curate himself told me that the Bible is not what they go by in that church, so what is their law? Anarchy? Plutocracy?
So no surprise that basic science and the law of the land are not listened to by the Tamsin Omond crowd - do not expect them to wear hemp or use hemp based diesel or ethanol - these are not just attention getting stunts, they are real moves that are based on scientific facts. Hemp activists do not get the attention Plane Stupid does - we do not disrupt aeroports or disrespect the house of worship of any faith.
Real environmental activism does not need to be drama; it is best to have millions of people calmly and methodically working on real objectives. Stay clear of these clowns. Support your local hemp shops, or use a hemp bag next time you shop. By the way, I love doing this, I still have the one I got from Bobby Pugh of The Hemp Shop almost two years ago, the one that says: "Real Eco Bags are made from Hemp." This turns heads everywhere, from Bond Street to Primrose Hill, and people get the message without being stranded at an aeroport by selfish brats.

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Mark Ski said...

Thanks for that - we are sick and tired of having rich kids and pseudo journalists mess up our world. Keep on posting, it is time or real debate!
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