Friday, December 26, 2008

In the December issue of the New Scientist, there is an article about making our own electricity, mainly from the sun. Eric Pollitt of Global Hemp has been sending me similar information, mainly about large magnifying glasses, 1 metre across, which focus sunlight into heat, even in cold climates. But as usual, there is an army of journalists out there who don't want to know, so we go on using petrol based electricity.
This year the price of petrol has dropped dramatically, quite in relation to the drop in people's incomes. However, the utility companies did not see fit to pass on the savings to the consumers, until there was pressure from the government to do so. If we sourced our energy locally, we would not be at their mercy - and the behind-the-scenes option trading in energy prices would not be a good-ol'-boys' racket anymore. And, of course, we would have a cleaner planet, but then it might not be any fun any more for those die hard anarchist rich kid protesters we see too much of these days. They'd have to get real jobs, and I bet they are not about to get their hands dirty growing hemp or setting up solar power panels on the sides of their mansions. BTW, check out all the SUVs outside the church where Tamsin Omond hangs out in Primrose Hill, and you can see who and what was driving up the prive of petrol these last few years. They like to preach to everyone else about air miles and carbon trading (which is a tax scheme for governments to use to take our money), but do they install solar powered panels on the church or drive G-wiz electric cars? No way. Incidentally, some of those arrested in the Tamsin Omond camp were complaining that their bail conditions would not allow them to fly - after grounding Stansted aeroport, they whinge about not being able to fly home to their rich families.
We could all help save the planet by sending these rich kid protesters - designer demonstraters they are called - to a prison where they are forced to read real science, wear hemp, and work on solar powered, tidal powered, and ethanol based energy projects. If they were real philanthropists, they would not mind having their family wealth confiscated and put into the public use. Now that is real progress, comrade.

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